It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! (almost!)

Hallo my potty peeps! I know we are all enjoying the last of our warm days but here at Elsie’s we’ve been having to think about what lovely loveliness we can get you all for the festive season….the trouble is there’s TOO much wonderful bisque and I want it ALL for you!!! In order to help me to get a little more room in the cupboards we are continuing to discount our studio fee to just £2. This means you can get a head start on some of your lovely lovely pressies all ready for chrimbobs! Just think of that lovely warm smug feeling you’ll have when everyone else is telling their tales of rushing round the shops, in the damp n squibby rain trying not to think about the queues or their blisters just to get a plain ol boring pair of socks for great uncle Fred! (Just don’t mention that you got all your Christmas shopping sorted whilst having a lovely time painting and drinking tea and eating biscuits at Elsie’s….I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for their actions!!!) hohohope to see you all soon!